Recruitment process by GoBuyside

July 14, 2018 in Talent Recruitment

GoBuyside has changed the manner by which organizations engage in hiring and recruitment of employees. Notably, getting talented and qualified employees to fill the positions within the organization is a challenge. Thus founding the GoBuyside by Arjun Kapur was aimed at ensuring employer gets the best individuals to provide quality services. Read this article at Accesswire. GoBuyside offers a wide range of services such as recruitment, financial management and other drivers of the business. Some of the main clients of GoBuyside are the Fortune 500 COMPANY, Hedge Fund, Private Equity Fund among others. Despite the few years, the company has been in operation; it has opened offices in places such as New York, South East New York, and other places.


The engine behind the success of GoBuyside is Arjun Kapur who holds a wide range of experience from his previous employment engagement of working with individuals from different cultural backgrounds within 40 cities. Before getting into employment, Arjun Kapur graduated with a bachelor degree in Economics from John Hopkins University. He later enrolled for a Master degree in Business Administration at Stanford University. The GoBuyside main objective is to ensure the information asymmetry regarding employees and employment is eliminated. Recently, research conducted shows that there is a large mismatch between the skills job seekers have and what the employers a looking. It is also difficult for employers to get new talent within the market. Thus to eliminate this challenge GoBuyside company has disclosed the importance of seeking its services to tap new talents from the market. According to the Article by GoBuyside, it is essential to use specialists rather than other generalist approaches. Through the use of specialists such as GoBuyside in recruiting new talent, there are advantages that an organization gets. For instance, some of the advantages include reduced opportunity costs, access to more talent which in the future could be an investment and increased niche expertise. Through the use of specialist, the organizations are in a position to leap big buy getting the best talent within the market. Having the specialists conducting recruitment have an added advantage since the standards are set high, and only the best are recruited. Follow GoBuyside on Facebook.