Mighty Fortress Church Brings The Bible To Life

February 10, 2018 in Praise and Worship

The Bible is actually quite an interesting book. The only thing is that for a lot of people, it seems in accessible. In many cases, the Bible is going to be filled with plenty of passages that make it seem inaccessible to the uninitiated. This is one of the reasons that it is important to have a good church to go to for interpretation of scriptures. One such church that does a good job at interpreting scriptures is Mighty Fortress Church. The pastor and other teachers at church interpret them in such a way that it not only amazes people, but actually encourages them to read scriptures. Hear the weekly messages on Riverview Baptist.

Mighty Fortress Church makes the Bible accessible to people. One of the ways they manage to do this is by making sure that the interpretation of their scriptures are true to what is written in the Bible. This makes it not only come to life for the members and attendees, but it also makes the scriptures seem a lot more appealing. People can also go to different groups which handle different parts of the scriptures so that people will be able to gain new insights that can help them in their Christian walk. Learn more about Mighty Fortress Church at mightyfortress.us.

Pastor Bishop Thomas Williams has founded the church as a means to gain an audience of multiple cultures because that’s what the Bible is written for and that is the area that he is in. He makes sure that his message is the truth. He also teaches in a way that is uplifting. His teaching style is something that is going to help people become holier. He is not trying to just make people happy and have them carried off in a state of bliss. He is more intent on equipping them for the future glory to come that will be revealed in them.

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