George Soros: One Step Ahead of the Game

May 22, 2016 in Business Guru

Anytime Billionaire George Soros makes a move, it is a big story. This is man who has built quite an impressive resume, to say the least. He has shown he knows all of the right moves to make. Of course, we all remember last quarter when he was preparing for gloomy days by pushing back his U.S. stock by more than a third. This shows that he wasn’t sold on the equities and was more interested in gold. Gold has always been a popular product that never seems to go out of style and is always gaining traction and steam.

At the end of March, George Soros was able to obtain 1.7 percent of Barrick, which made it the fund’s biggest U.S. listed holding. There is something called having your pulse on the market. The bottom line is that some people have it and some people don’t. George Soros has always had his pulse on the market and that is why he has had such success. He isn’t one to be left in the dark, confused, or left playing catching up. He’s one step ahead of the game, each and every time. He knows when to pull out, when to go all in, and when to stand still.

Soros is not only street-smart but he’s incredibly book smart on In fact, he has written over 12 books, including The Tragedy of the European Union (2014). If you look him up online, chances are you will find a number of well-written, thoughtful, and insightful articles from the man himself. He has a way with words and is never afraid to put his unfiltered thoughts out there. George Soros is opinionated but in the best possible way. When it comes to money, this isn’t something that you can just play around with or goof off with, that is for sure. You have to take it seriously. Because of this, he realizes he needs to give sound advice. He knows that people look to him for his insights and his experience. They rely on it.

When George isn’t doing that, he is giving back and helping out others. George Soros has never been afraid to lend a helping hand to someone in need. What is the point in having riches if you can’t use it for something good? Above all, he is most proud of that. That is the legacy he would like to leave behind: someone who gave back and cared about others. He wasn’t all about himself or only thinking about what was in his best interests. He truly cares about people and the world itself. He wants to leave it a better place. If the world had more people like George, we would be in much better shape, that is for sure.