No Olympic Valley Incorporation! Disgruntled Supporters Fired Up, Andy Wirth Motives Sketchy?

May 19, 2016 in Jennifer Rose, Olympic Valley incorporation

Lake Tahoe survived terrible economic conditions in recent years. The North shore business district and communities faced the toughest struggles as Reno-Gazette Journal explained. Natural disaster played a pivotal role in the cycle. The prolonged political strife to incorporate Olympic Valley has put some strain on the region. Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, LLC powerhouse chief executive and philanthropist, Andy Wirth did put up a fierce fight. With the Placer County Board of Supervisors ruling to not incorporate Olympic Valley, Wirth has directed focus on community development needs.

The disapproval of Olympic Valley incorporation left supporters disgruntled. In fact, Wirth has silenced propaganda about his motives to oppose the cause. He explained how an incorporation could devastate the region, especially neighboring communities that pool Olympic Valley resources. It’s apparent that without Olympic Valley the fiscal and economic struggles of these districts would worsen. In fact, Wirth raised reasonable arguments about taxation and other concerns. The long-term outlook of an incorporation isn’t feasible as both residents and business operators stand to lose. With the political strife dissolved, Wirth revealed a grand vision to monetize the region’s real estate, tourism opportunities, and business dynamics.

A SierraSun exclusive elaborated on Andy Wirth appointment as RAAB (Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority) board chairman in 2013. The cooperation engaged a group of insightful, talented profiles, Andy Wirth included. Other newly elected candidates included Jessica Sferrazza, Jennifer Rose, and Lisa Gianoli. A prolific executive, Wirth commanded numerous roles, especially in the airline industry. He focused on upgrading air service infrastructure to help support the tourism sector. Powder Magazine did another exclusive report about Wirth erecting a base-to-base gondola.

The plan of connecting Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley, two iconic topographical locations of the ski resort district has been a pipeline dream since 2011. Wirth finally decided to pursue the project. The visionary Wayne Poulsen who founded Squaw Valley conceived the idea about a decade ago. Troy Caldwell, a landowner who occupies a generous piece of property separating the two resort mountains support the gondola initiative Powder Magazine reports. Wirth community development efforts have put Lake Tahoe in the spotlight. In fact, he’s filming the transformation, a CBS TV Network production aired as a segment of the Undercover Boss series.

The philanthropic work Wirth does inspire a global community. The motivation to help the wounded through his newly launched Crowdrise campaign comes from personal experience. Wirth came close to death, having survived a devastating skydiving accident Fall 2013.

The journey of recovering presented tough challenges which Worth overcame. The Ironman Triathlon program was an instrumental resource in his recovery process. The experience birthed a friendship which Wirth celebrates today. He’s launched a Crowdrise, a tribute to his U.S. Navy Seal comrades that aided him during training. The campaign supports the NSF (Navy Seal Foundation) which funds NAVSPECWARCOM (Naval Special Warfare Community) returning officers and their families.