Coriant, A Company Primer

February 4, 2016 in Business

Coriant is a independent telecom company created out of the Transmission Technology Department of the multinational conglomerate, Seimens AG. The company focuses specifically on both software and hardware designed to further the speed, efficiency and integrity of computer network infrastructures. They are well known for developing optical multiplexers over fiber optic cables as well as utilizing the most cutting edge technology to assist in network management and network planning.

Coriant is headquartered in Germany but operates in over one hundred countries spread out across six different continents around the world with a client base as diverse utility companies, government agencies, banking institutions, internet service providers and cloud network operators. Large sales and support offices are also located in the United States, China, Finland and Portugal.

Coriant is also well known for it’s innovative style and currently has over 1,800 patents on their technology. Their product portfolio contains innovative products such as the Coriant Groove G30 DCI Optical Transport Solution, the Coriant Transcend SDN Networking Solution Platform, the 8000 Intelligent Network Manager and the Smart Router Series. As a leader in the field of telecom solutions Coriant’s products are high quality and feature unique benefits such as the lowest power consumption rate out of any other companies products in the field, lowest cost due to a pay as you grow model as well as flexible mobile backhauling and future scaling capabilities.

Coriant is currently lead by CEO and Board Chairman, Shaygan Kheradpir and Pat DiPietro, the Vice Chairman of the board of directors. Shaygan in particular, a former business senior for such illustrious companies as GTE, Barclays and Verizon Wireless, has been highly lauded for his numerous contributions to the technology sector such as his crucial role in the development of the Iobi program as well as the Verizon One and Verison FiOS Fibre OPtic platforms.

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