A Few Facts About Sam Tabar You Should Know

January 12, 2016 in Prominent Investors

Sam Tabar is a prominent name in the legal and private investment circles. He is based in New York and has worked in different companies, therefore, being in a position to gain a lot when matters related to experience are concerned. He started his career in law before moving on to business management and capital strategy. He has worked in many companies in different roles including SPARX Group, Bank of Merill as well as Schulte Roth and Zabel, LLP.  In addition to his current spell as the CEO of FullCycle Fund.

About.me reports that he first received his Bachelor of Arts with honors from Oxford University in 2000. During his campus days at Columbia Law School, he also used to work as an Associate Editor for the Columbia Business Law Review. He is a firm believer that solutions can be found in the workplace and that can help a lot of people become profitable in their future endeavors.

Due to his working in hedge fund companies in different roles and positions, he has managed to earn a lot of experience. Recently, he managed to add THINX, a startup company that makes recyclable sanitary pads for women in Africa. The company specializes in fashionable underwear that supports women a great deal in the mensuration days. The company also motivated Sam to pursue his own charitable efforts.

Through the company, the undergarments provide comfort when it is needed most to women in Africa to ensure that they never miss an opportunity in school or in any other social activity. Sam believes that the company is special in the fact that it brings forth the much-needed help to women who are also known to be society pillars. He got the chance to invest in the company when he was introduced to their founders by a friend.

Even though he was looking for an investment opportunity at the time, he could hardly resist the opportunity to invest in THINX. The company had previously made very big strides when matters related to crowdfunding were concerned. The best thing with THINX is the fact that it is phenomenal and it does not manufacture ordinary products therefore having a unique edge in the market.

Sam is a good example of an individual who believes in hard work and sacrifice. Throughout his career, he has managed to perform exceptionally and help others achieve the same. Now that he has invested in THINX, the company is expected to make very big moves when matters related to getting the brand accepted globally are concerned. The world needs more like Sam and more of THINX to achieve growth faster.  He’s on Instagram if you would like to follow his career further.